Fabulous Feet

Your experience starts as you….

Add a few drops of StruisLux Bath Oil to your foot spa or bowel.  Feel the rich, nutritious ostrich oil soften and soothe your skin while you relax. Stimulating algae extracts are blended with a high concentration of ostrich oil to hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling nourished and youthful, while your feet emerge refreshed and rejuvenated.

After towel drying …..

Now smooth StruisLux Ostrich Oil Balsam enriched with beeswax and Vitamin E all over your feet concentrating on the heels and any sore areas.  The low melting point of ostrich oil allows this soothing balsam to soak deep into your skin for ultimate effect. Naturally high in omega oils, it regulates cell structure, leaving your skin feeling velvety soft. StruisLux Ostrich Oil Balsam takes care of rough, chapped skin and is reported to cure athlete’s foot.

To complete the treatment …..

Apply StruisLux Massage Cream so you can luxuriate in the warm, stimulating sensation. It melts deliciously into your skin, penetrating deep into the cells to leave your feet feeling fresh and revitalized. Our cream, combined with the massaging action helps to stimulate circulation and encourage a feeling of well-being. Powerful, yet gentle, our soothing massage cream can be used on sensitive skin. Just enjoy.


Fabulous Feet
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Bath Oil

5 Stars

Julie from Consett

Wow amazing. I am on my second bottle now. As promised this oil disolves into the water and does not leave oil blobs floating on top. My skin is fab ...... Read more

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