Raspberry & Grapefruit Scrubby

Gently exfoliate your skin with out using any harsh chemicals or agents.  This wonderfully Raspberry scented bar is full of goodies including Raspberry seeds to remove dead skin, but also contains wonderful oils to naturally hydrate your skin leavening you feeling silky smooth.   Raspberry Fragrance oil is blended with Grapefruit Essential Oil to give you a boost of Vitamin C. Grapefruit Essential Oil is said to tone the skin and tissues, cellulites, exercise preparation, muscle fatigue and water retention.


    • Size: 110g
    • Price: £7.80
    • Size: 100g
    • Price: £6.00
    • Size: 25g
    • Price: £1.50


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5 Stars

Julie from Consett

Wow amazing. I am on my second bottle now. As promised this oil disolves into the water and does not leave oil blobs floating on top. My skin is fab ...... Read more

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