Chinese Ostrich Balsam

A natural blend including ostrich oil, menthol and cinnamon and other stimulating ingredients, this potent balsam is designed to arouse your senses. Offering effective relief at the first sign of congestion, StruisLux Chinese Ostrich Balsam has camphor, cinnamon and eucalyptus oil to help stimulate your circulation and open your airways, while the anaesthetic effects of clove oil work to soothe your body. Peppermint provides defence against infection and also strengthens the nerves. When massaged gently into the skin, this non-greasy balsam provides warmth and temporary relief from localised muscle pain. Massaging a small amount of the balsam onto your temples is claimed by many people to ease the pain of headache.

Please note, Chinese Ostrich Balsam is not intended for use on the eyes or lips.

    • Size: 30ml
    • Price: £24.99


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